Mortgage Protection Insurance Calculator

Learn more about how much a mortgage protection insurance (MPI) policy costs depending on a variety of factors.

The cost of mortgage protection insurance can change for many reasons.

The more likely you are to need a payout, the more expensive your insurance premiums will be. Factors that increase this likelihood are advanced age and health issues, to name a few. 

When a mortgage protection insurance agent calculates your policy with an actuary, thousands of factors will be applied.

As the applicant, you can only control so many of the factors that will determine your premium costs. Other factors, such as location, gender, and genetics will impact your insurance cost that are out of your control.

If you determine that you need an add-on to your policy such as an insurance rider, your costs will increase as well.

Riders such as accidental death, unemployment, disability, or bankruptcy will provide extra protections, but ultimately increase your monthly premium as well.