Your Mortgage Protection Insurance Guide

Mortgage Protection Insurance Junk Mail Letters

If you’ve recently moved or have decided to refinance your home, chances are you’ve already noticed that your mailbox is flooded with letters trying to sell you mortgage insurance protection coverage. You’re probably wondering “why am I receiving mortgage protection insurance junk mail?”

These letters are often marked URGENT, so you might assume that it’s important to fill them out and mail them back right away. After all, it’s the only way to get more information about mortgage protection.

You may have noticed that these letters and postcards often ask for personal information. You might be asked to fill in your birthday, age, telephone number, and even your smoking status.

The reason these mortgage protection letters ask for so much information is that they’re not always from real mortgage insurance agents. Instead, they’re from insurance marketing firms that want to sell your information to individual life insurance agents. The agents paying for your information will then contact you to sell you their own mortgage protection life insurance policies.

What Happens When You Mail Back These Letters?

The typical scenario when you mail back a mortgage protection letter with all of the information required is that the company that sent it will sell your information to insurance agents in the area.

Some mortgage insurance companies don’t treat your personal information and privacy with respect. If you read our reviews, you’ll see what happens when you respond to their letters.

After you send back your letter, you’ll start receiving phone calls from life insurance agents, who will ask you for additional financial and health information before determining what type of mortgage protection product to sell you. Most will also schedule visits to your home as part of this process.

It’s common to receive multiple phone calls from many agents, especially if you mail back more than one letter. These agents aren’t necessarily doing anything wrong. They want to offer you the best mortgage protection insurance products they have, but the endless phone calls can get tiresome.

How Normal Companies Treat Your Information

Your information will always be sold when you work with certain insurance companies. These companies sell your information in the form of six different kinds of marketing leads.

  1. A leads cost between $25 and $45 and are exclusive to a particular agent for five weeks.
  2. 5A leads cost $5.50 and have already been distributed once, but the agent hasn’t made a sale.
  3. 4A leads cost $4.50 and have been sold twice.
  4. 3A leads cost $3.50 each, have been distributed three times and can be up to a year old.
  5. 2A leads cost $2.50 and have been distributed four times.
  6. 1A leads cost $1.50 each and have been sold five times.
  7. $0.50 cent leads have been distributed to six other agents and are always at least eight months old.

We Do Things Differently

When you trust us to provide you with mortgage protection insurance, we’ll make sure all of your information remains private, and we won’t need to visit your home.

We believe that home visits are inefficient. After all, the days of traveling insurance salesmen are over. These days, we can help far more people than could be reached in one day by foot or by car.

Our clients can find all kinds of information about mortgage protection insurance on our website. We strive to understand our clients and their needs and to provide plenty of relevant information.

We Keep Overhead Costs Low

We operate an online business, so we’re able to keep our business overhead very low, which benefits you, our clients. No one on our sales team will pressure you into buying an expensive plan that you don’t need. Since we can help 30-50 people a day instead of the 6 to 8 that could be reached by a traveling salesman, we don’t worry about high costs associated with low sales volumes.

Since we’re not worried about sales volumes, we can focus instead on giving you the best products and prices in the shortest time. In other words, our low overhead also saves you money. Our clients come first, which is why they recommend us as the best mortgage protection provider.

Most mortgage protection insurance salesmen need to buy your information, which increases their costs of doing business. To add insult to injury, they then pass these costs on to you.

When you mail back that letter you got to its sender, it starts a chain of events that ends in your information being sold to any insurance agent in the area who wants to pay. Mail back one letter, and you could be getting phone calls for up to two years.