Family First Life Insurance Review

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This review will describe how Family First Life and similar Multi-level Marketing or MLM insurance companies do business in order to provide families with insurance that provides mortgage protection in unique ways.

We are doing this review by gathering information from public information and website pages. It is important to have an insurance policy that will protect the family home if the policyholder should die. Any mention of MLM marketing and operational practices in this review are for information only.

About Family First Life Insurance

Family First Life is an insurance company that focuses on selling a product called mortgage insurance to homeowners. Each company selling mortgage insurance has its own way of doing business and its own special business model, operating procedures, and culture.

The consumer can look at several mortgage insurance companies and choose the one that best meets their needs and expectations. Family First Life is a company that strives to meet its customer’s needs.

The Family First Life Story

The president of Family First Life is Shawn Maeike. Mr. Meaike got his experience working for a large MLM insurance company for a number of years. He has modeled Family First Life on the same business structure that worked so well for that company.

This company seeks new business by mailing out mortgage protection offer letters to prospective clients. Those people can mail back the offer and get a call from an agent who will visit them to discuss buying an insurance policy.

Family First Life looks like a spinoff of the other large MLM insurance company according to the Better Business Bureau report. Since they have been in business since 2014 located in Gales Ferry, CT., they should be considered a successful company in their own right.

Family First Life Has An Operating Model That Works

Family First Life has a business operating structure that falls under the MLM insurance company model.

The website for Family First Life states ” The lead program used by our company allows our agents to work with qualified mortgage protection leads, final expense leads, and annuity leads that have proven track records and give our agents more potential clients.” It also states ” we offer very competitive contracts and strong renewals on multiple insurance products and also the ability for our agents to build their own “agencies”.”

The website indicates that the Family First Life insurance company encourage their agents to build their own teams using the company lead system. This is a proven multi-level marketing business model used by multiple insurance companies.

How Does First Family Life Contact homeowners?

This company uses a similar lead system to other MLM insurance companies because it works. They use direct mailing letters to people who have recently purchased homes, refinanced an existing home, or been approved for a home equity loan or reverse mortgage. These are people who will need mortgage protection insurance.

The letter has a section the homeowner can return to Family First Life indicating their interest. When the letter is received by the company, the information is entered into a customer relationship management database as a lead. These leads are then sold to individual Family First Life agents, who will contact the lead directly with the information they received.

The agent will talk to the potential customer and visit their home to discuss the purchase of an insurance policy.

Mortgage Letter Example

Frank and Nancy purchased a home. When their mortgage documents were filed at the county courthouse, the information became public record.

Then, Family First Life purchased that public record information and sent Frank and Nancy a mortgage protection letter. Family first Life purchases many homebuyers’ or homeowners’ public information to use as leads.

Then, Family First Life purchased that public record information and sent Frank and Nancy sent back the part of the letter expressing their interest and giving the requested personal information. First Family Life received the response at their mail facility.

This letter was then sold to a licensed Family First Life agent in their area. The agent then called for an appointment to visit their home and sell them an insurance policy to meet their needs.

The Advantage of Dealing with Family First Life

Family First Life is dedicated to protecting homes and families with its life insurance products. Their insurance protects families from foreclosure when unexpected deaths happen to the family income earners.

What First Family Life Does Differently

This company only works with people who have contacted them. They do not sell customer information. This policy keeps their overhead down and allows the company to focus on customer needs and budgets.

The insurance company is not trying to build teams or earn overrides from agents under them. Our agents are not under pressure to hard-sell clients.

They believe if the mortgage protection plan is right for the client and fits their budget, they will purchase the policy designed to protect their family.

Clients get expert guidance in choosing the correct insurance plan for their needs and budget.

First Family Life is not limited to selling mortgage protection policies. They will look at a family’s needs and sell them either a mortgage protection policy or a traditional life insurance policy if that works better.

Can Customers Trust This Mortgage Protection Company?

Look at the mission statement for Family first Life to see how they do business. Look at the guarantee they offer customers in writing. They are unbiased and work for the customer rather than an insurance company or an MLM company.

Customers are given access to the best policies at the best prices for their needs. Customers who are looking for a better mortgage protection policy at a lower price can ask us for help and we will compare their existing policy to other policies with similar or better coverage and help customers understand their options.

If the current policy is a good fit and has the best price, they will tell you.

But, if they can save you some money with a new policy they will help you understand the options and apply for a better policy.